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Wedding Giveaway!!!

May 27, 2016

You heard right!!! We are giving away a big ole’ wedding package to one awesome couple. We’re super excited to be able to do this and to have such amazing companies involved.

Just a little info about us if you’re new to our page… We are a husband and wife duo that’s been married for 8 years and shooting for 6. We have 4 wild and crazy kiddos that keep us laughing! We love good food and probably spend way too much time on Netflix. Some of our favorites shows to date are: The Office, Parks and Recreation, Daredevil, and Jessica Jones. Like most couples we know, we are very much opposites. I (April) am the dreamer with way too many ideas and very little energy to make things happen (because dreaming takes a LOT of energy), and Paul is the doer and planner, he makes things happen. We love this combination in our business because what one doesn’t thrive in the other does! We have recently started traveling out of Southern roots a little more and love it. We are blessed to have such beautiful creation everywhere we look. We absolutely love God and can’t imagine our lives without Him in it. We are constantly praying for the perfect couples for us to invest in and encourage.

We think its super important that you take some time to check out our photography style. Photography on your wedding day is a huge part, and we want you to love what we do and trust us 100%. Our approach is to capture the moments. We aren’t as concerned with flowers and cakes as we are the tears, the laughter, and the touches. Our hope is that when you look back years later at your photographs, you will be able to relive the moments.

If you like what you see and hear you’re ready to move forward, then just comment below with your wedding location, the big date, a little bit about you and your fiancé’s love story and your vision for the wedding.




Check out all of the other amazing stuff you can win….

Pinch of Gold Gift Box from Simple Joys by Ginny 

13242164_10101521300783259_709098361_o13262159_10101521304351109_990952585_oSimply Joys by Ginny


A wedding gown from the amazing Lea-ann Belter 

Lea-Ann Belter Lookbook-LABB-Diana-JacketLookbook-LABB-Prudence-2Photos above by Tim Melideo


A Hand-crafted Nostalgia Kit by HHBoogie

View More:


A custom locket by Chasing Lockets


Chasing Lockets


A leather wallet for the adventurer by Wild and Free Supply 


View More: and Free Supply

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