Wedding Giveaway!!!

You heard right!!! We are giving away a big ole’ wedding package to one awesome couple. We’re super excited to be able to do this and to have such amazing companies involved.

Just a little info about us if you’re new to our page… We are a husband and wife duo that’s been married for 8 years and shooting for 6. We have 4 wild and crazy kiddos that keep us laughing! We love good food and probably spend way too much time on Netflix. Some of our favorites shows to date are: The Office, Parks and Recreation, Daredevil, and Jessica Jones. Like most couples we know, we are very much opposites. I (April) am the dreamer with way too many ideas and very little energy to make things happen (because dreaming takes a LOT of energy), and Paul is the doer and planner, he makes things happen. We love this combination in our business because what one doesn’t thrive in the other does! We have recently started traveling out of Southern roots a little more and love it. We are blessed to have such beautiful creation everywhere we look. We absolutely love God and can’t imagine our lives without Him in it. We are constantly praying for the perfect couples for us to invest in and encourage.

We think its super important that you take some time to check out our photography style. Photography on your wedding day is a huge part, and we want you to love what we do and trust us 100%. Our approach is to capture the moments. We aren’t as concerned with flowers and cakes as we are the tears, the laughter, and the touches. Our hope is that when you look back years later at your photographs, you will be able to relive the moments.

If you like what you see and hear you’re ready to move forward, then just comment below with your wedding location, the big date, a little bit about you and your fiancé’s love story and your vision for the wedding.




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A wedding gown from the amazing Lea-ann Belter 

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A Hand-crafted Nostalgia Kit by HHBoogie

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  1. Nicki Jeane says:

    This is AMAZING! Since we are already all in with you guys, I think we are out of the running, but I cannot imagine anyone passing up this amazing opportunity! Good luck to everyone who enters in!

  2. Elizabeth Vanderburg says:

    wedding location: TBD
    the big date: TBD too, were spontaneous.
    ❤️ Story: instant soul mates, we were sent
    to each other even though I was in California and he was in Texas. I was told, “you’ll just know” and I did instantly on a trip to Marfa, Texas. Ready made family with 3 stepdaughters and now we have a beautiful baby boy!
    vision for the wedding: a dash of mystical but simple and unforgettable.

  3. Alexandra Marie says:

    Thank you for offering such a fantastic giveaway! Your photography is gorgeous, by the way!
    Wedding location: tbd
    Date: Either May 27th or June 3rd, 2017 <3

    Well, my fiance and I met through a hiking group that I created when I came to college. The group started out with seven members, but people gradually started to become busy with classes and before we knew it, the group dwindled down to the two of us. We are both adrenaline junkies and so we started going on some crazy adventures together that were memorable and so amazing! We started off as friends, but over time things started to change (realized my adventure buddy was actually pretty darn cute ;). We were sitting on a bench by the chapel at our university one night and he finally put his arm around me. My next line was, "So when are you gonna ask me out?" The rest is history! We knew each other for 10 months and dated for six. When you know, you know! He proposed to me at the top of a mountain at sunset after a hike.

    We are planning a simple, romantic, cozy, woodland themed wedding. We want the event to be centered around family, friends, and of course each other. The wedding will more than likely be taking place at a national park, outdoors. For the reception we want to do dancing in the woods with old fashioned string lighting.

  4. Libby Sayre says:

    This is so amazing! My fiancé and I met 3 years ago. He is in the Marine Corps and we have had a long distance relationship since the beginning. So we are really excited to get married and to FINALLY be in the same house and even more so the same state . I got my dream proposal this past December in front of Cinderella’s castle in Disney World a few days after Christmas. We are getting married May 6, 2017 at a little farm house in Flowery Branch Georgia. We are going to have a traditional Marine wedding with a fun modern twist! I’m so excited to marry my best friend next year and to have our promise to each other and to God in front of all our family and friends. This would be a dream come true for both of us!

  5. Hannah Turner says:

    This is amazing!

    Wedding location: Portland, Oregon – currently looking at woodsy, minimalistic, intimate venues

    The big date: July 17th, 2017

    Our story: Love at first sight. Truly. I saw him working in a grocery store and was star struck. Took me almost 9 months to finally work up the courage to soeak to him. When I did, it turned out that we had both been trying to say hello. He joked about getting married on our first date, and here we are. It’s been really special because neither of us really expected to find what we have so we cherish it.

    The wedding: We are planning together. Currently spending time together antiquing to find things for centerpieces. Mother in law is doing the same in California. We are trying to make the planning special and inclusive and have fun with it. The vibe is woodland, magical, simple, borderline etherial. Nothing too overstated. We want the day to really be about us and our time together so we are trying to find ways to incorporate pieces of who we are. He has collected antique bottles as a child so we will be including them throughout the wedding.

    This would be such a dream for us! I’m in the process and finishing up my degree and applying to med school next year so we want to have this really special day before I have to refocus my energy.

  6. Katie Wallace says:

    This is such an amazing giveaway! My fiancé and I grew up together. We played together when we were young and started dating in ninth grade. Now, nine years later, here we are. He asked me on my birthday last weekend to be his wife! We are planning on getting married May 13, 2017 in McComb, Mississippi. I would love the wedding to have a romantic, elegant feel. We are just looking forward to celebrating this special time with all of our friends and family! Thank you for this opportunity!

  7. Carly Meshew says:

    Wedding Location: Detroit, MI
    Date: May 26th, 2018

    My fiance and I are both Michigan natives, however, it took two one-way flights over the Atlantic Ocean for our paths to cross. We met while teaching english in Prague, Czech Republic and quickly bonded over our love for everything Michigan – frothy beer, lazy lake lifestyle and good hockey. Lucky for us, first dates in a historic European city are romantic regardless and we quickly decided that it’s hard not to fall in love in a place full of 14th century castles. As we end this chapter and move back to Michigan, we’re excited to discover more adventures together. Although they may not be full of castles and romantic street music, I’ve now realized that the adventure was never in the place but in the person. Cheers to hopping 4,000+ miles across the pond only to stumble upon a familiar northern accent.

    Our Big Day: A minimalist wedding in an industrial venue all evened out by romantic details – fresh herbs, mismatched china and lots of Billy Joel music.

    Thank you for posting such a great opportunity! I’m really looking forward to reading the other stories. Good luck to all! xx

  8. Jennifer Terry says:

    Love this! We are definitely a case of opposites (with a little bit of common ground) attract he’s urban skater boy and I’m pretty preppy princess. He’s from Texas and I’m from North Carolina but we met in law school in Louisiana! Though we are opposites, we bonded over our love of reading (especially Harry Potter) and our first date was to see Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows! Our wedding will be held in Orlando, Florida on August 12, 2017. We are working on a garden party style wedding with our favorite Shakespeare “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” as our theme!

  9. Rachel Rauwerda says:

    Yep, officially off the charts excited about this contest! Already wrote on Instagram – @rachrauw – but had to post here again because the photos you have in your gallery are unreal… totally In love!

  10. Emmy McVay says:

    So, this may not be what you’re looking for but since y’all seem adventurous I thought I’d give it a whirl! Joshua, my best friend, boyfriend, and breath of life saving air have been together for five life changing years now. We first met by utter happenstance that lead to him saving my life the first instance that we met- quite literally. From there on out, he has been my saving grace day after day. To keep stories short for comments’ sake, I suffered a severe bout with panic disorder a few years ago and lost my memory completely. I was left in the hospital ward without a clue of who he was, yet he drove hours daily to play games with me, to share dinner with me, and to gently remind me of who I was and just who he was to me. I wouldn’t have recovered without him. I am my best self today with him by my side! With five years under our belts and with a fresh and healthy mind (and memory!) I would love nothing more than to SURPRISE him with a wedding! I can’t say that we have a date or a venue planned as we don’t- we haven’t had the money for an engagement ring between buying a home together and my medical bills- but if I won this giveaway I would be thrilled to team up with you in giving him the gift he deserves for all of his love and support. The wedding would be up North here in Indiana or Michigan next Summer, and I would keep it a secret from him until the day arrived. The idea of telling him we had a wedding (for someone else) to attend, getting him all dressed up, and walking in to see his best friends waiting to join him at his side is just too exciting. It would be a dream come true to win such an opportunity! It would be the greatest gift I’d ever give.

  11. Tee Ree Sah says:

    We’ll be getting married on July 1st, 2017 in Cancun, Mexico!

    We met paddling SUPs (stand-up paddle boards) in a 10 mile race in the Midwest in 2012, and little did we know, that our similar interests would grow into a relationship! We’ve grown to be best friends, and love each other dearly. We’re looking forward to growing together more throughout the years, and can’t wait to get married!

    We envision our wedding day to be a relaxed and elegant beachside event spent with our closest family and friends. We want everyone to feel like they are on vacation, and hope they will enjoy themselves while celebrating with us!

  12. Amzie Pamzie Brack says:

    July 8, 2017 in Ottawa Ontario! My fiancé is in the military and I am in retail. We are planning a rustic elegance wedding from Edmonton where we are posted. We met at Lazer tag, he proposed next to the kicking horse river on a camping trip. We want the beauty of nature to speak for itself and are marrying in a romantic garden setting. I couldn’t imagine anything better than marrying my best friend and we are so excited for next summer!

  13. Ashley Lorraine says:

    My fiancee Mike Mason and I met in Annapolis, during the 2013 legislative session. My boss cross filed a legislative bill with his boss so we had spoken on the phone a handful of times, but never met. I was walking in a hall way of the state house when I heard a familiar voice, and I turned around to see this man standing tall and handsome. I introduced myself and we went on our ways. Weeks later Michael had emailed me to ask to see if we had any copies of a letter we both used for work…. little did I find out months later, he never needed a copy of that letter, he needed a reason to stop by my office. He was seeing someone at the time, and by a stroke of luck (for me :) ) she got a job in California and moved across the country. Michael and I didnt speak for a few months inbetween her leaving and we both were back in Annapolis working the following year and we ran into each other EVERYWHERE. I am not sure if I believe in fate, or destiny, or divine intervention, but I think back on the events that have occured in my life, the series of choices I have made, and they all lead me to meet this man. This man who has become such an inspriational part of my life through a hard time. 2015/ the beginning of 2016 was a TOUGH year for both of us, my parents of 25 years suddenly divorced. Leaving a horror story of events to take place following…my dad is now remarried to a woman I have not even met, and my sister just announced she is pregnant. Through all the whirlwind of emotions and the mourning of idea of this family I have lost, Michael is the one who helps calm my sails. We have prayed and decided 2017 will be OUR year to move our new family forward and with this giveaway I can only see the happiness on our faces on our big day. We plan to be married September 1, 2017, in Havre De Grace, MD, specifcally Swan Harbor Farm. This place is significant to us because I grew up on the water (patuxent river) and Michaels family owns a bi-centinnial farm (meaning its been in his family since before the US Constitution). Swan Harbor sits on the tip of the Chesapeake Bay and the gardens and rolling farm hills on the property take your breath away. I envision tulle tied to trees as they flow in the wind. Lots of low lit romantic candles and soft pinks and gold hues dancing on the sun set. Soft pink hydrangeas dawn the tables as smiles and well wishes are shared. My FAVORITE detail of our wedding day will be my maid of honor, my grandmother, who has, more than any amount I can count, saved my life through prayer and direction and guidance. If you have ever listened to the song by Jennifer Nettles, Thank You, you could start to understand exactly how I feel. Thinking about this opportunity makes me tear up. Thank you both best wishes for all of your future success!

  14. Carly Angie says:

    It is so amazing that you guys are doing this! My wedding will be in the fall of 2017. Wedding location isn’t set in stone but most likely at a family property- inside of an airplane hanger Our vision for the wedding is rustic and country! Lots of burlap and sunflowers. We can’t wait to be surrounded by our family and our two kids that day!

    We have known each other since elementary school, we started dating almost 4 years ago and this past December he took our kids and I out to dinner and proposed in front of a whole restaurant! We are so excited to start the journey of a married couple and see where this crazy life takes us

  15. Kara Weber says:

    My name is Kara and my fiancé is Brendan. Brendan and I got engaged on May 2, 2016. Our paths intertwined in the Atlanta airport, although Brendan was living in Minneapolis, and I was living in New York at the time. I flew to Minneapolis three weeks later for our first date, which ended with a very long doctors visit and one really sick me. Brendan encouraged that I stay a few extra days so he could take care of me instead of me flying back to New York. I agreed, but at the time I had no idea I had met the man who would love me through sickness and health for all of my days. It wasn’t long before the connection was undeniable and we knew that no matter the distance, we would find a way. We both work in the airline industry so we spent a long time dating at long distance, but only being a plane ride away. Later in our relationship, when we both knew we had found our forever, I decided to relocate to Minneapolis. Upon finishing my last flight in New York, I packed up, and flew to my new home. On my first official day of living in Minneapolis, Brendan picked me up from the airport. As we walked up to the door of my new place, Brendan got down on one knee and asked me to be his forever. He said he knew it was the perfect time to start the next chapter of our lives. We have decided on an elopement for our ceremony. Brendan’s family lives in Texas, whereas mine live in Alabama and throwing a large ceremony seemed near impossible. We are both fueled by travel and adventure, and have been searching for gorgeous places all over the world. We have narrowed our vision to an enchanted elopement in the Pacific Northwest, Yosemite National park, or possibly even Banff late this summer or early spring. Our vision is to be surrounded by nature so beautiful it takes our breath away. We also envision a romantic and simple picnic style dinner after the ceremony where we can share cake and read cards and letters together from family and friends who couldn’t be along for the adventure. Greenery, waterfalls,and Pacific coastlines all are calling to our hearts, but we aren’t as concerned of the location as we are about finding a photographer who can turn our moments into art and capturing the day we will spend the rest of our lives remembering. Thank you so much for giving us this incredible opportunity and for taking the time to read our story! <3

  16. Hannah Jones says:

    This is so wonderful! I have loved your photography for so long, and it would be such a blessing to have the two of you photograph our special day. My fiancé and I both love your photography style and know that it’s perfect for what we envision.
    My fiancé’s name is Eric, and we have been together for 3 & 1/2 years. I knew he was the man I was going to marry on our very first date. I could not ask for a better , more loving, or compassionate man to spend my life with. Eric planned the most beautiful and romantic proposal that I could have ever imagine while we were on vacation in Hawaii with my family on May 18. It was so special to become engaged in such a breathtaking place with my family there to share in the happiness. It truly was the best day of our lives our wedding date is August 5, 2017 at First United Methodist Church in Philadelphia, MS. It is our hope to glorify God with our wedding as well as our marriage. We desire to exemplify Christ’s love through our wedding day. We are having our reception at my parents home which has a beautiful forest area that I envision with many sparkly. Many of your outdoor photos show exactly what I hope for. I’ve dreamt of a fairytale wedding my whole life and can’t wait for it to actually be here. We are so looking forward to this day and would love to have such amazing photographers capture it.

  17. Grace Hamilton says:

    I made a comment on instagram (@graycehammy), but figured I’d add a little more detail here :)

    My fiancé & I met in passing early in college, but it wasn’t until my senior year that we really crossed each other’s paths again. Our friends started dating and my friend told me that he was constantly bringing me up in conversation. I was estatic because I had a crush on him, but thought he was out of my league. He finally asked me on a date and now 2.5 years later, we’re happily engaged!

    We’re getting married June 17, 2017 at the Overlook Barn in Banner Elk, NC! The venue is located atop Beech Mountain, with an amazing view of the Blue Ridge Mountains. We will be getting married outdoors, but the reception will be inside the newly renovated barn. There will be lots of white & greenery with touches of pastels through out our big day.

    We would be so beyond honored to have you photograph the best day of our lives!

  18. Jody Smalley says:

    I am familiar with your work, as you guys photographed my cousin’s wedding! On New Year’s Day 2015, I spent the day with my family. Each of my siblings & I asked my parents to pray for something specific for the new year ahead. Mine was that 2015 would be the year that I meet my future husband, & if marriage wasn’t God’s plan for my life that he would take that desire from my heart. October 2015, I met Bill Holloway & on 5/29/16 (my birthday) we got engaged. He’s more amazing than anything I could have ever dreamed & I know God placed him in my life. We are getting married November 12, 2016 at Rogers-Green House in Laurel, Mississippi. It’s a beautiful historic building, and fits our personalities so well!

  19. Britton Strickland says:

    Holy smokes. So my fiancé and I are looking for wedding photographers and are super impressed by your work. We heard about you guys from a friend recently, and decided to check you guys out.

    We are getting married in Hattiesburg, MS on January 8th, 2017 at “The Venue” downtown. We are aiming for a more traditional, simplistic style but casual. It is the winter, so subtle greenery and light earthy colors. We are trying to stay classy but simple, not only because that’s our style but we are trying not to break ourselves! We couldn’t me more excited about our wedding, and we can’t wait for the big life ahead of us, especially as soon-to-be graduates from USM.

    As for our story, we met through an odd encounter one night, and a mutual friend set us up afterwards. After our first date, there was something I really loved about her. We dated for a year and two months, but it didn’t take long for me to know she was the one for me. She has one of the biggest hearts, for others and for the Lord, and I couldn’t be more happy than to call her my bride-to-be. We both have a heart for those around us, and we want to use our gifts, talents, and careers to reach and minister to those around us and around the world, no matter where we go, especially reaching out to the community. We are currently pressing through a 2 month long distance relationship, as I am serving as a summer missionary with a college ministry in Portland, Maine. She is back home in Hattiesburg working hard and coordinating a community-wide youth mission camp for her church, as well as preparing for her mission trip to the Caribbean in a few weeks. I can’t wait to get back to her and finalize our last minute wedding plans.

    Like you guys, Netflix is also our weakness. We want to travel literally anywhere and everywhere. Our personalities definitely balance each other out, at least when we aren’t laughing with each other. It would be amazing to win this giveaway to have some incredible shots to remember one of the most important days of our lives.

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