01. our philosophy

This is us. A couple of Southerners that don't always fit the mold. One of us loves adventure, while the other is a home body. Together we work. Pretty well in fact. So if you think you might want to spend your day with a dreamer and a nerd, you've come to the right place. 

the artists

Documenting the moments in between

02. meet us

We believe passionate, romantic and authentic imagery doesn’t just happen. Images like that take time and effort to create. That’s because they don’t come from hurried interactions or fake, stiff poses with awkward smiles. They come from real connections. 


If you haven't noticed, we're not about stiff poses and smiles at the camera. We'll leave that up to Sears. We love passion and intimacy. Kisses and strong embraces.

And that’s what we’re interested in – we want to know who you are as a couple. Sure we want to know what your style is, but we also want to know what makes you two laugh till your stomachs hurt. 



Husband and Wife Duo

We both grew up in the South, but have called many places home. We currently reside in Mississippi with four kiddos, a dog, and a pretty dope chameleon. We said "I Do" nine years ago after a chance meeting in the beauty section at Wal-Mart. Not having had a wedding photographer to document the moments of our wedding day is still heartbreaking, this makes us extra passionate about providing couples with beautiful photographs of their story.