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If it’s ok with y’all I’m going to get off of my perfect blogging routine and share something that’s on my mind tonight. Being right in the midst of engagement season and talking constantly with soon to be brides, there are lots of questions on their end and thoughts on mine.

One of the common things that we as photographers seem to get is that a couple just can’t afford us. Sometimes, even though they love us, a couple doesn’t even respond  to an email because they just don’t think they can do it. It’s something we know we have to educate you on because you don’t get married every day. You don’t know that we book a year in advance. You don’t know that we love to work with our couples on a payment plan when they just can’t make it work the “usual” booking way. So this is for those of you that don’t respond because you’re scared it just can’t work out.

I think it’s important to stop and remember what your wedding day is about firsts. It’s not an “event” that you have to plan out perfectly. It’s your wedding day. It’s when you two, along with ALL of your friends and family will join together to celebrate in one place (when else does this happen!?). So take a deep breath and hold on to that. The most important part is you’re getting married to the love of your life. You’re starting a new life with someone.

Why do I think that’s important? Because your wedding photography all comes down to what is important to you. Do you want to look back at your wedding day and reminisce on the beautiful flower arrangements (not that you shouldn’t rock these), talk about the epic food you put in your mouth (always a good thing), or do you want to look at the photos of you and your man (or woman) sharing love and laughter with those closest to you? Try, as hard as it may seem right now, to put yourself in your own shoes 5 years down the road. Believe me, I’ve been there and memories are all I have. I remember how amazing it felt to walk down the aisle and see Paul standing there. To know he was waiting on ME. To look in his eyes and without touching him, feel the love he had for me in that very moment. Unfortunately though, I am afraid those memories will leave me as the years pass. I have no photographs to look at when times get hard (because they will). I wish someone would have told me why a photograph truly is worth a thousand words. It holds everything in one tiny little space. Our feelings, our love, our memories are all balled up in this small thing we can hold in our hand. It’s seriously priceless.

It’s also important that when you do fork out the money for photography, that you book someone whose images make you feel something. If you look at our images and just think they’re pretty that really isn’t enough. We capture moments, and we want you to recognize them as moments, not pretty images. If you hire someone for pretty images you’ll always regret the money you spent. When you hire someone for the moments they capture, you’d pay for them over and over again.


I know I probably seem like I’m rambling, and maybe I am, but it’s important that you understand that as much as Paul and I would love to work with all of you amazing couples out there, that’s not what this is about. We want you to have photographs. Tiny, hand-held memories to look back at when you can no longer picture your husband’s face the day you said “I do.” We want you to have those things no matter who provides them for you. However, if you truly love us and love what we do, we want you to talk to us. We want you to know how important you are to us and how we would love to be a part of your marriage. Your photos are worth every penny you can and will pay.

Thanks to an amazing friend I do have THIS moment to look back on and believe me it brings tears every time I do.


Don’t lose the opportunity to have a memory like this on one of the most important days of your life.



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