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We wanted to introduce a fairly new business to the Hattiesburg area to all of our amazing brides to be. If you’ve always dreamed of having gorgeous props at your engagement session or wedding you will want to read further. Without further ado….

What is Ardor or Ard`or, or how do you say it again? The most common question we are asked is how do you say Ardor and what does it mean. Our response, there is no right or wrong way. We pronounce it as if you were saying are-der because we are southern and we are sticking to our guns. However, saying are-door has a nice twang and we love it just the same. The dictionary defines ardor as intense devotion, passion, eagerness, or enthusiasm; zeal. So when trying to find the right name for a business we were born to do, simply no other word would do.

What do you do? Well we do a lot of different things but in summary Ardor is a rental boutique (company) for events, weddings, and photo shoots. We find or build those perfect details to complete your vision. Ardor is not just vintage, just rustic, or just modern we are whatever defines YOU; and if we don’t have that we will find it. That is the key isn’t it? To represent our clients true self. Our inventory includes but is not limited too. Upholstered seating, pews, farm tables, brass, mercury glass, ceremony back drops, and the list goes on. Buying these things can be costly and then afterwards finding a way to store them can be even more difficult. Renting is a lot more cost efficient and a lot less headache.

What is styling? In the world of Pinterest most people create a board for inspiration. You know all those wedding photos you see on wedding blogs and magazines that are flawless? Those are designed and executed by stylist. Styling is the set up, perfecting, and making everything look pretty and in place. If you don’t believe in the importance of that look up Pinterest nailed it post. You will get some pretty hilarious results on how far south something that looks simple can go. Maybe you know exactly what you want and already have pieces you want to use. Or like most, you might be completely lost and thinking how do I bring my husbands love for hunting and my love for architecture together? We are the girls to figure it out while making it beautiful and personable. This ensures your entire event, wedding, or photo shoot is as perfect as those you see in magazines.

How do we benefit photographers? When we started Ardor one of our goals was to be an asset to photographers instead of a burden. Photographers are artist of light and you can not just sit a sofa down anywhere in a field and expect it to work. Items have to be moved for optimum lighting and sometimes that means a lot of moving. When clients rent items from us for photo shoots they also rent us :) We come along to move the item and in every way possible assist your photographer to insure the best results. We want the client to be able to show up looking stylish and beautiful and the photographer to show up able to snap breathtaking photos. This is why we require delivery for any large photo shoot props. We will do all the heavy lifting, sweating, and bug fighting because we love it and most of all we love seeing the gorgeous result.

Last but not least. This all sounds great but how much is it? All of our inventory is priced separately, mainly because we always want to allow variety and flexibility for our clients. However, to give you a range. Our seating ranges from $10.00 to $300.00 to rent for a full day. Display furniture ranges from $25.00 to $250.00 for a full day. Accents start at $1.00 and range to $50.00 for a full day. Delivery varies on distance and the amount of rentals. Of course, transporting pews requires a lot more than one upholstered piece. Styling is included on photo shoot delivery.
So that is the skinny! In summary we love people and we absolutely love what we do. Ardor is made up of two creative souls that would love nothing more than to have that one small part of making things that much easier :)

And now that you have heard all the awesomeness that is Ardor feel free to go follow them at the links below…

Also check out some great examples of what styling looks like from our friends at Unearthed Vintage



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