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One thing that we get asked about a LOT is engagement sessions and how to prepare for them. We completely understand couples needing advice in this area since it’s usually the first time they’ve had photos done together. We wanted to share some tips that we typically give when addressing engagement preparation.

1 // The first thing you’re probably wondering about is what to wear for your engagement shoot. At least you are if you’re a girl! This is definitely an important part of the session, but not one you should in any way stress about or go out spend a fortune on. Our advice is to have FUN with this part! Choose an outfit that is the everyday you, one that reflects the two of you on any given day. It can be jeans and a t-shirt, or a dress and heels as long as its YOU. ¬†Second we recommend choosing something that is a fancier you. An outfit you love but maybe wouldn’t choose to wear just anytime. You may already have this outfit in your closet waiting for an occasion like this! It’s not everyday you get to take photos together by a professional so go all out! You can also take this time to add a theme to your engagements if you would rather. Some themes we’ve come across are: vintage style, nautical, tea party, fishing, cooking, superhero, military, etc. If you don’t have a theme no worries, your images are still going to be great!

2 // The second thing that usually comes to mind when planning for engagement photos is the location. This is a big one in our opinion! It’s not something you want to skimp on. We love helping out with location ideas but we also think it is great when a couple can choose a location that is special to them or that they’ve had their eye on. It’s possible that if you allow us to choose your location without having seen it that you might end up disappointed in the end. It’s always best to be involved in this part! Maybe there is a park that you two visit regularly or a cafe that you met at and had coffee that would be perfect for your shoot. Or maybe you just keep passing this amazing spot day in and day out and have dreamed of one day having photos there… tell us about it! It never hurts to try getting permission if needed.

3 // The third thing that we usually get questions about is props. Props are another thing we prefer you be involved in as a couple. We certainly don’t wanna recommend you bring food and wine for a picnic shoot if this is something you would NEVER do! Also, it’s good to know that props are not a necessity for your shoot, so if you find yourself stressing about coming up with some stop worrying! Please feel free to always bring up your ideas though, we might just have suggestions for you. Some props we’ve seen in the past are: Fishing poles and a boat, record player and a blanket, tea party setup, picnics, a bonfire with marshmallows, scrabble, sunglasses or hats, stuffed animals, and cool pieces of furniture. Honestly, the possibilities are endless!

4 // The fourth and last thing we’re going to mention is posing. This is something you should in NO way be stressing about. This is our job and what you are paying us for. Hopefully you have already checked out our photos before booking us and are confident that we can capture you at your best. We are there to make you guys feel as comfortable as possible although you’ve probably never had your photos taken in this type of setting. And girls stop worrying about your fiance too! He will relax, we promise! And all of the above can help play into the comfort level and confidence that both of you have on the day of your shoot. Choosing clothes that you both feel confident in, having your hair and makeup done, choosing a location that you BOTH love, and just remembering to have fun together are all great things to remember! The naturalness that you swoon over in engagement photos on Pinterest is feasible for you and your hunny too!

If you’re getting married soon and have a question that we didn’t answer please feel free to send it our way or comment below. Remember, we do this for a living and you do it once in a lifetime!!!





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