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Titus 2 reminds us younger women to seek the wisdom of the older women in our lives.  An older Godly woman is one of the best counselors you will find in your lifetime.

Mrs. Stephanie Holden aka “Honey” is one of the sweetest women I’ve come across. Be sure to check out her blog over at The Honey Pot!  And without further ado….


I was so blessed and honored that April asked me to share a few things on what makes for a great marriage.   I am by no means an expert, but I’ll share a few things that have worked for me and my man over the past 25 years.   It’s cliche sounding but so true when I say that I love him more today than I ever have.

  • Make Time for each other.  I can’t stress the importance of clearing the calendar to have quality time together.  I know this can be a challenge when you have children and they are all involved in sports or taking dance and piano lessons, especially if both parents work outside of the home.   But the best thing we can give our kids is having a healthy, thriving relationship with their daddy.  And that kind of relationship comes from spending good quality time together.  If this can only happen if you eliminate one of little johnny’s activities, then do it.  It’s that important. Make time for each other.  Remember, your children are watching.  How they choose their own spouse in the future will have a lot to do with what they see in their home today.  
  • Have sex.  And lots of it.  Just as important as making time for one another is to a healthy marriage,  so is intimacy.   It’s like a marriage’s “Miracle Grow”.  You’ve seen those commercials right?  Where they show the two gardens? …they both were tended to daily but one used miracle grow and the flowers were a foot taller than the other one…vibrant and thriving.  Well that is what good, healthy sex does for a marriage. It keeps a relationship vibrant. It helps a couple thrive in the midst of whatever is going on around them. Intimacy is so important.  Don’t neglect it. That’s biblical. ;)  1 Corinthians 7: 3-6
  • Focus on the right things. Remember what you loved about your husband or wife when y’all were dating? You know…that little thing that made you smile big time and never want to be apart?   Well that is still there.   Choose to focus on that quality  instead of dwelling on the things that now drive you crazy.  You will be surprised what a little shift in what we are focusing on will do.
  • The last bit of advice I have to share is what has been the most crucial for us… Put Jesus first.  Neither you nor your spouse will be the wife or husband you were created to be apart from a growing relationship with Jesus.  Marriage takes sacrifice.  It takes putting your spouse and their needs above your own. This won’t happen apart from Him.  Our flesh wants to get ” our way”.  And having “our way” day in and day out eventually leads to a weak marriage.   If you want to thrive in your relationship with your spouse, then you need to be thriving in your relationship with Christ.  It makes all the difference.  HE makes all the difference.



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