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Although some of you may not be like me when it comes to space, it’s most likely that your spouse is. To clarify, I dislike space. I loved the house I grew up in because it was tiny, I was constantly bumping into a family member…. no hiding. I guess what I mean is, if I love you, I want you near me.

Yeah, yeah I know, that can get unhealthy. I don’t disagree. It’s just harder for me to remember that others might need space that aren’t like me. But God designed us all different right? Otherwise there wouldn’t be so many books like, The Five Love Languages or Women are like Spaghetti, Men are like Waffles. The truth is we all love differently and receive love differently.

I’ve had to learn this lesson the hard way, and I’m still learning it to this day. I have to consciously remind myself that Paul needs space from me, and that does not mean he doesn’t love me or want to be with me. Space gives us time to be who WE are without having to conform to the personalities and hobbies of those around us (for us that would be watching My Little Pony, talking about pottying, or playing superheros).

So give your spouse their time. Let them enjoy something that only they enjoy. Don’t down it, instead ask questions about how it was. ACT interested yo!

And most important of all, if you are holding on too tightly to your spouse because of insecurities; cast your cares to the Lord, not your spouse. He WANTS you to and your spouse DOESN’T need you to.

Even though I love being close to those I care about, I know space gives them the energy and rejuvenation to love me more!





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