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Change is good

May 3, 2013

We thought it would be fun to compare a few photographs from when we first got started in photography to where we are today. When we first picked up our cameras it was more about the love of photography then it was about having beautiful images. Don’t get us wrong, we had our hearts in our photography, but we were lacking the skill that makes an image timeless.

The best thing we ever did for our business was to take a year off from shooting and learn the ins and outs of what our camera can do. Not only has that given us better images, it has also given us more confidence in shooting and a LOT less post process time.

We hope that in comparing our beginnings and ends that you will also see the difference in decent photographs and great photographs. Can we still improve? OF COURSE! But we can also say with 100% certainty that we can provide our clients with great images that they won’t look back on and regret.

Other than skill, one of the biggest differences in our before and after images is pricing. If you were paying the before us $3500 to shoot your wedding, you might just be crazy. =) But seriously, we can’t stress how important it is to notice the difference in the two. We aren’t saying that you should throw out any photographs you had done by a beginner or hobbyist photographer, but you SHOULD think about getting some new and updated ones by a true professional. Yes, it might cost you a little more money, but don’t all things that are truly worth the investment?

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