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Fall and it’s memories

October 5, 2011

Cool breezes, caramel apples, pumpkin spice candles, and bonfires. These are a few of the things that remind me of my past fall seasons. We all have some sort of event, smells, and activities that we attach to fall. This weekend we decided to create a new memory for fall. We attended the very first Peanut Festival at Mitchell Farms in Collins, Mississippi. They had corn mazes, pumpkin patches, rides, booths, and too much yummy looking food!

We got to bring along both of our moms!

Keller enjoyed a hot dog at the festival and covering his sissy in corn!

Kolter is my bread man. He ALWAYS wants bread. He at an entire hamburger bun. He really enjoyed playing in this tipi too!

They had some roosters and sheep caged up. Kolter got very excited about that.

They gave a little tour of the farm which was fun. We also happened to run into Stephen and Tami fromĀ Tami Johnson Photography, two of our most favoritist photographer friends!

What are some of your favorite Fall memories? What are some new ones you are looking forward to making this year?





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