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For you, I’ll take a bullet.

August 19, 2011

We have this rule in our marriage.  If you don’t follow this rule, you should start now.  Right now.  We do things that each other likes to do that we may not love.  He watches chick flicks with me (although I think he secretly likes them) and I look at his nerd blogs with him. It’s something we don’t really question anymore.  To us it’s an essential to a happy and fulfilling marriage.

Last night I did something he loves.  I think he loves it as much as he loves milk and blue bag Chips Ahoy cookies. We played Halo.  Halo Reach to be precise. I don’t hate the game at all (I actually got VERY into it last night), but it’s certainly not my first pick for date night!  I got more kills than ever by the way.  Oh yeah!

Halo is pretty important to Paul.  Knowing that he can put on that armor, pull out that rifle, and take down the enemy, helps him to wash away the worries of the day.  And knowing that, it makes me wanna do it with him.  I want to always help him feel better.

In case you play Halo and need some tips, I’m gonna share my strategy with you.  My motto is “Take one for the team.”  Since I know I am no elite General in the game, I decided I would walk out into the midst of the enemy, guns blazing.  Literally.  I punch, shoot,  jump, and throw grenades like nobodies business (often all at the same time).  Sometimes I surprise myself and probably everyone playing with me, and get a kill or two.  But most importantly, I help my team.  I take a bullet for my man.  I do it in Halo and I’d do it in real life if someone drove up on a warthog and whipped out a spartan laser.  He’s just that awesome.

– April

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