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Meghan + Tim beach wedding

June 1, 2011

After running into Tim time after time at her cousins house, Meghan finally noticed him. One night after a long game of softball, Meghan got up the courage to ask Tim out. He agreed and they haven’t been apart since. Although Meghan found Tim very attractive it was something else that drew them even closer. Meghan couldn’t help but smile thinking of how easily Tim had accepted her sweet little boy Hayden. It was a dream come true for her. From then on, the three of them did everything together!

It was early one Christmas morning when Meghan met up with Tim to celebrate. While sitting around the Christmas tree surrounded by family Tim asked Meghan to close her eyes. Much to her surprise when she opened her eyes there was Tim on his knees with the ring box in hand.

Meghan and Tim decided to get away from it all and have a destination wedding on the beach of Ft. Walton, Florida. They only brought themselves and a few swimsuits!

And this is Paul hard at work…

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