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Leighas Bridals // Ardor Rental Boutique

July 7, 2015

It’s not often you get a bride that gives you complete reign over her bridal portraits. It makes you happy though. As wedding photographers we don’t always get that creative outlet we desire. Our opinion isn’t always needed.

When Leigha sent me a photo of her dress I immediately knew that Ardor Rental Boutique would be the perfect canvas for her bridal shoot. The style Leigha had chosen along with some beautiful rustic props from Ardor gave a rustic and kinfolk feel to the shoot. We included some gorgeous wood chairs, wood bowls, bright yellow pears, and a stunning floral arrangement from Blooms in Hattiesburg.

Thank you Leigha for being an amazing bride. The kind that makes us love our jobs even more than we already do. Your trust in us as your wedding photographers was so refreshing.

Now, enjoy this hot chick below.

Ardor Rental Boutique Kinfolk Bridals in Hattiesburg, MSArdor-Rental-Boutique-Spring-Bridal-Portraits-Mississippi-Photographer-6Ardor-Rental-Boutique-Spring-Bridal-Portraits-Mississippi-Photographer-20Ardor-Rental-Boutique-Spring-Bridal-Portraits-Mississippi-Photographer-32Ardor-Rental-Boutique-Spring-Bridal-Portraits-Mississippi-Photographer-135Ardor-Rental-Boutique-Spring-Bridal-Portraits-Mississippi-Photographer-62Kinfolk Bridal Session in downtown Hatttiesburg, MS at Ardor Rental boutiqueArdor-Rental-Boutique-Spring-Bridal-Portraits-Mississippi-Photographer-68Ardor-Rental-Boutique-Spring-Bridal-Portraits-Mississippi-Photographer-75Ardor-Rental-Boutique-Spring-Bridal-Portraits-Mississippi-Photographer-77Ardor-Rental-Boutique-Spring-Bridal-Portraits-Mississippi-Photographer-92Ardor-Rental-Boutique-Spring-Bridal-Portraits-Mississippi-Photographer-97Ardor-Rental-Boutique-Spring-Bridal-Portraits-Mississippi-Photographer-99Ardor-Rental-Boutique-Spring-Bridal-Portraits-Mississippi-Photographer-107Ardor-Rental-Boutique-Spring-Bridal-Portraits-Mississippi-Photographer-127

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