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{Wedded Wednesday} Make Time

May 15, 2013

It’s a simple thing to do. Forgetting to make time for one another. Real time that is. Catching a favorite tv show together while your browsing facebook and texting a friend is not REAL time. You both deserve better than that, and your relationship requires it. Lets look at 5 things you CAN’T do unless you’re making REAL time for your better half.

#1- You can’t listen WELL

Sure you might can listen half-heartedly. Making time for one on one conversations ensure that you will both be heard.

#2- You can’t forgive WELL

If you haven’t been spending time with your spouse you are going to start resenting that. You are busy, you are tired, you are ANXIOUS. When anxiousness and and tiredness build up you can guess the results. Forgiveness is much easier when you are meeting each others needs, and that includes TIME.

#3- You can’t share WELL

In order to share whats really going on in your head and your life you’re going to need some REAL one on one time. Sharing the things that you dream of and care about draws you even closer in a relationship. It also gives your spouse an outlet to build up those things you love!

#4- You can’t play WELL

Play can mean a lot of things. I’ll let your mind do the wandering! Relationships are about having fun and sometimes you need to do that just the two of you. Friendships are great and so is family, but it’s not the same as laughing and playing together.

#5- You can’t appreciate WELL

Appreciation and respect are two huge things in a relationship. If you’re going through the motions of life as if viewing a movie with your spouse as the main character you’re not going to appreciate them like you should. You can love them, you can be thankful for them, and you can definitely be attracted to them… but you can’t appreciate them without truly spending time alone together. When you appreciate and respect your spouse you are VALUING them.

So stop reading this blog post and go schedule some time together! There’s no shame in scheduling your dates!

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