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Relaxation, Friendship, and Light Bulb Moments

October 9, 2012

Winshape Retreat Center

Last week I was blessed to attend the Pursuit 31 Conference in Rome, Georgia. The Winshape Retreat Center was more beautiful than anything I could have dreamed up. I am a trillion times thankful to Karen Stott for her heart and her gift of pouring into us girls. In case you didn’t know, Pursuit 31 is a group of Christian women photographers growing together daily through photography and Christ. There were 99 girls who were able to attend this awesome event and 99 girls that left with SOMETHING amazing.

As time passed at the conference I grew more and more aware that God had called all these girls together for MANY different reasons. Some came to learn what their calling was, others to grow closer to their Father, a few girls came to relax and rejuvenate while others came to grow in their photography. God was working in each and every one of us in our own separate ways.

I didn’t realize His purpose for having me there until the last night of the conference. I had talked with a few of the girls over a bonfire and later with one precious girl who I’m so thankful to have met. She put a few things into perspective for me. As I walked up to my room for the night it hit me. I put on my pajamas and crawled into bed next to my new friend. Someone I connected with so easily, so effortlessly. I was not used to this. Friendships have always been hard for me. I had always longed for friendships complete with late night talks, being someone’s maid of honor, pajama parties, and conversations at 2 am because you need to. God gave me a small taste of that with Kathleen. We talked till 2 in the morning, shared clothes, scraped our selves up during a bike ride, snacked, talked, and laughed. I am forever thankful for this friendship I have gained.

And now here a few photos from my amazing time at the conference….

These first few are instagram photos.

The photo on the left is a candle from my amazing massage I won. The photo on the right is a back of camera photo of some sweet friends I got to photography while there.

Top left is a silly photo booth pic, top right is me during a bike ride. Bottom left is me and my sweet friend Gabrielle, bottom right is my new buddy Crystal.

Top left is my joking around with a sign we found on our bike ride, top right is from our bonfire. Bottom left is all my stuff packed up to leave, bottom right is my beautiful room.

A few photo booth shots with some GREAT friends!

A couple of gals I’m so blessed to know, Crystal and Kathleen.

This is the beautiful Winshape Retreat Center.

There were many different cottages and beautiful rocking chairs everywhere.

Everywhere we looked there were deer roaming around.

Oh just Kathleen hangin’ with some deer.

This is my favorite photo of Kathleen and I. We had so much fun on our bike ride!

The beautiful Windmill

Kathleen snappin’ some pics.

If you look closely you can see the baby deer. He was a bit shy!

Kathleen gettin’ her ride on.

Riding around the beautiful lake.

Thank you to everyone who made the conference possible! Thank you to Crystal and Tammy for driving out of their way to pick me up so I wouldn’t have to drive. Thank you to Kathleen for being the best roommate ever! Thank you to Gabrielle for leading beautiful worship. Thank you to my small group ladies for being open and vulnerable with their hearts. Thank you to the amazing speakers for sharing their wisdom without fail. Thank you to everyone who said hello, who hugged my neck, and who made me feel like a human being, not just a mom and wife. Thank you to God for His surreal blessings in my life. And last but not least thank you to all of the amazing sponsors for helping to make the conference even more awesome!!!


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