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{Small Backyard Wedding} Taylor + James

August 1, 2012

A backyard wedding was the perfect touch to their wedding day. The textures, the atmosphere, and the history provided the perfect place. Taylor, being the creative beast she is, created most everything you see in these photos. I am most certain that together, these two can create most anything they want. They filled our hearts with their laughter and genuine love. We are forever grateful to have been a part of their wedding day and even more, to call them friends.


Small backyard wedding with ivy

Tattooed bride getting ready

Tattooed bride getting ready

Taylor + James decided to do a First Look and exchange their handmade gifts.

First Look with gift exchange

They ended up getting the same gift. A handmade box. James made one for future keepsakes and Taylor’s was filled with past ones.

Bride and Groom gift exchange

Intimate backyard wedding in Hattiesburg, MS

Taylor’s box was full of sentimental goodies from their relationship.

Sentimental gift exchange between bride and Groom

Groom in suspenders

Groom in suspenders and hat

Backyard rustic wedding

Tattooed bride with floral head piece

DIY Wildflower bouquet

Such a beautiful bride.

Gypsy backyard wedding in Hattiesburg, MS

Taylor wrote her vows in this beautiful journal.

Leather journal with wedding vows

And this is the beautiful Ring Bearer, Helmi.

Handmade ring bearer box

Heart shaped ring bearer box

Helmi loves her dad so much. She was so happy that day.

Ring bearer with floral head piece

Umbrella and star wedding decorations

Taylor is SO close to her baby sister. She couldn’t make it due to distance, so she joined last minute via Skype.

Small patio wedding in Hattiesburg, MS

Intimate backyard wedding

I think this was my favorite moment of the day. Helmi was so happy!

Mother and Daughter at wedding

The whole silly crew!

Small backyard wedding in Hattiesburg, Ms

rustic wedding in backyard

hattiesburg, ms wedding photographers

Hattiesburg, MS backyard wedding

Bride and Groom with ivy wall

Alice in Wonderland wedding prop

And then there was this wedding cake…

Metal wedding cake

non traditional wedding cake

bride and groom cutting the cake

bride and groom cutting cake with plasma torch

Non traditional wedding cake made of metal

Cutting wedding cake with plasma torch

The protected onlookers…

Non traditional bride and groom

And last but not least, it would’t be a celebration for Tay without a little Whiskey.

Wedding toast with whiskey

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