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A little color in my life

June 18, 2012

I recently decided it was time to add a little color into my life. Or my house rather. Thanks to a good friend and one day spent at Ross and Salvation Army we were able to conquer the task. We had a lot of fun with bright paint, fabric, and to my husbands dismay, a zebra print rug! Check out my cruddy before and after pics on my phone and let me know what ya think! =)


before and after furniture decor

This beautiful wood piece was my moms, hence the CRAZY decor on the left hehe. We took some turquoise paint and spray painted the original knobs red and woooolahhh!

We bought this gorgeous dining set in Jacksonville, Florida at a Salvation Army for just $100. We decided to keep some of the original beauty and just paint the chairs and cover them with some SWEET fabric.

before and after home decorations

We found this amazing rug at Ross for $24.99. We painted that old beast of a coffee table turquoise. That awesome mirror was in a my childhood room back home. Thanks mom!

And because I’ve always wondered….

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