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{Wedded Wednesday} Submission…um, yes please!

February 29, 2012

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Today I want to talk about submission. Heyoooooo! Don’t leave yet!  If you’re a woman this word can be scary or it can be wonderful. The only reason submission is scary to you is because the world has taken God’s intention for it and twisted it.

Submission was designed by God. Submission wasn’t designed just for us women. It is a reflection of our heart, our core being. Submission reveals our true dependence upon God.

In the Bible one description of submission is defined like this: A voluntary attitude of giving in, cooperating, assuming responsibility, and carrying a burden. Now if you are like me you can step back and realize OHHHH that happens in every day life, not just with my spouse.

The worlds belief is that submission is somehow humiliating. However, Christ took glory in submitting to his Father’s plan of redemption for his children. It should also be our glory to submit to God’s plan for our lives.

So what does submission look like? How can you submit and still be you? Isn’t that ultimately what we are scared of? Losing what we believe in, our dreams, our opinions.

Submission is not silence. God declared that men need help. AMEN! =) Leaving them without our prayerful input ( notice I said prayerful ) would be to deny them of our help.

Submission uses her voice to speak words of grace and life into another’s life.

A fearful person will ultimately have trouble submitting. She does not trust God with her life, which makes trusting her spouse impossible.

Submission says, not my will but yours be done. Even in the most difficult situations of life, joy pours out from a heart that is grateful for God. Don’t be joyless. We have so much to be thankful for.

You can safely express your gifts and creativity for the glory of God and to benefit your marriage. It is a lie when you are told that submission limits your freedom. A lie that doesn’t want you to have a successful marriage where you both are help mates to one another, therefore succeeding in the best way possible.

Sometimes the world portrays submission as, “I get to check my brain at the door because my man is in charge.” Another lie my friend. It IS however the response of an intelligent person who knows the Bible and and trusts God’s design.

The ultimate answer is that you don’t suddenly start submitting because you say I do. A heart that is responsive submits to Christ first and foremost. A wife who submits cheerfully will always have at her core a heart knelt in submission to God.

So gals, a submitted heart doesn’t ask, “What’s in it for me?” but rather, “How can I serve God and my spouse with my life?”

How does your submission look? =)


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