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Wedded Wednesday: Advice for those in love

February 8, 2012

April + Paul Wedding Photography Mississippi and LouisianaLook how young and innocent we are!

So today let’s talk about emotions! yuck right? Those bad boys can screw up an entire day. In Proverbs 4:23 it says, “Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life.” I think the most important thing to learn from this scripture is not to follow your heart but to lead it. Our lives would be a complete disaster if we let emotions and feeeeeelings be the driving force. I think it’s time to throw those feelings in the trunk and tell THEM where you’re going!

We have to actually DECIDE to delight in our significant other at times. No matter how new and fresh our love, we are human folks!

Love that chooses to love is just as powerful as love that feels like loving.

Love like this is a truer love because it’s eyes are WIDE open! Only when love is leading¬† can you be certain you are going the right direction.

God just so happened to bless me with an amazingly humorous man. I recall as a younger girl praying that God would bring me an Adam Sandler,¬† without the vulgarity of course. I’m so happy to say he answered my request. This guy can make me laugh when I don’t WANT to! He’s very familiar with what is now known as my Elvis snarl. It’s the product of me being in a bad mood and not wanting to laugh, yet my hilarious husband says something I cannot resist laughing at. Hence you get a “I don’t wanna smile but I gotta” snarl. Sometimes THAT makes me even more mad! =) This guy gets over things in .02 seconds. It’s humbling and convicting for me. I truly believe that when God puts two folks together he pairs them so that they can HELP one another. His fault, my strength. My fault, his strength. =)

God also tells us this, “the heart is more deceitful than all else” Jeremiah 17:9

So as I must remind myself daily… It’s a choice hunny, not an emotion you follow. Too many people rely on emotions and feelings to lead them through their marriages which in return gets them nowhere but hurt. I choose to love my husband no matter what the circumstance, I give him unconditional love. I am thrilled to say he gives me the same in return. I’m a happy girl!

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