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Team Edward

November 18, 2011

My husband would never let me hit publish if he knew I was posting this right now. I’m a little too giddy to not share that I’m going to see Breaking Dawn tomorrow night! Don’t hate. Yes, I’m 26 and I love Twilight. =) I can’t help it. I read all of the books in a matter of days and I have to see the movies for my lack of imagination. It also doesn’t hurt that the vampire is slightly handsome.

I’ve purchased my “I love vampires” shirt for tomorrows event. I previously wore a “Team Edward” shirt to the other Twilight movies. It just so happens that I was pregnant for the last one and stretched it out pretty bad. So tomorrow I will pretend I’m 16, since everyone swears I am anyway, and I will sport my vampire tshirt, have a 24/7 smile on my face, and gush over vampires and love. C’mon, who’s joining me!?

Maybe this will convince you. =)



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