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Our kids are braver than your kids

September 27, 2011

Today I want to share some photos from a recent fishing trip we took the kids on. It was nothing elaborate but then again it doesn’t have to be for young ones does it? Paul has always enjoyed fishing, it is probably the one thing that relaxes him most in this world. I think it would thrill him to his core to know his boys enjoy it as much as he does. As you will see from the photos Keller is pretty brave when it comes to handing dad the nasty dead shrimp and even more brave when holding the fish! He hasn’t stopped asking us when he can go back and throw more fish in the water!

Katy helps dad reel in the fish!

Keller gets his turn too!

Hello little cute thing!

Can’t forget the Goldfish!

Kolter is probably the bravest of all the kids!

My favorite photo from the trip. Keller’s first time throwing a fish back in and it flipped back on him!

OOPS he fell on the ground!

Don’t you wanna go fishin’ now???

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