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Let’s just go to Disney World

September 22, 2011


This morning as I’m sitting at my desk enjoying a bowl of oatmeal and a mango pineapple smoothie, my middle child Keller approaches me. He excitedly asks me, ” Mom, can we just go to Disney World today?” My first thought was that we needed to include daddy in on this! My second thought though was maybe, just maybe he’ll say YES! =)

So we called daddy up on facetime at work. After about three calls he answers. At this point Keller has asked me about 12 more times if we can just go to Disney World. Daddy answers and Keller immediately blurts out, ” Daddddddyyyyyy, I just wanna go to Disney World.” That’s all, nothing big or anything, just Disney World dad. So daddy plays it up a little bit and asks him the reasons for wanting to go to Disney World. The answer was filled with toys, games, and all the TV cartoon characters you can think of.

Sadly, we had to tell Keller that we are not going to be able to visit Disney World today as it is far away from where we live and not really in our plans right now. We let him know we had a vacation to the mountains planned soon and did not have the money to visit Disney World at this time. Of course hearing we were going to the mountains immediately calmed his frustrations and he left us alone…. NOT. He proceeded to run to the bathroom and grab something to show us. He came back with his piggy bank. A piggy bank that may as well be empty because our children have no yet learned the talent of saving money. So with one penny and one nickel he tells us that HE has the money to go… no worries.

If only it were that easy.

Don’t be sad. I showed Keller photos of Dollywood and he is now excited again!

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