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Don’t Spare the Change

August 8, 2011

Yesterday the pastor at the Liberty Church Blue Angel campus that we attend had to make a change.  He has been going hard at it in the ministry for over 30 years and the toll of the weekly grind of preparing for the weekend has finally caught up with him.  In fact, it seems to be part of the cause for some heart issues he is having.  Overall he is doing very well, but the stress of the several campuses he oversees along with the many other obligations he has, has just become to much for the ole ticker to take.  Through much prayer he feels led to take more of a behind the scenes role at the church while still remaining very active.

He stated yesterday that this decision was a difficult one to make and that’s not surprising.  Most major change is very difficult.  Going from preaching and teaching for over 30 years to sitting on the pew with the rest of the folks will be a big change.  Have you had to make changes in your life that have been difficult?

My wife and I watched Soul Surfer this last week and it’s a true story about a girl who was a borderline professional surfer and then one day a shark bit her entire arm off.  She had to make some changes obviously.  The changes were difficult but very necessary.  It would have been easy for her to continue her life and not pursue what was important to her because of her arm, but she didn’t.  She prayed about it and listened to council from Godly people.  She made the changes necessary to be able to continue down the road she had started.

Between the news from church yesterday and Soul Surfer, it made me think.  What do these two stories have in common besides change?  Both of these individuals went to God with their struggles and ultimately followed God’s path for them.  I believe this is knowledge we all need to keep in the front of our minds.  Difficult times WILL be in all of our futures and for most of us, there have been difficult seasons in our past.  It’s important to realize when a change needs to be made and then MAKING THE CHANGE.  It’s MORE important to realize that maybe you aren’t doing what God want’s you to do, but what YOU want to do.  God’s plan for you is MUCH greater than any plan you could ever have for yourself.

So don’t get down and depressed when life hits you hard…talk to God, LISTEN to what He has to say about it and don’t be afraid to make a change!

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