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Happy Birthday Spiderman!

August 2, 2011

What began as a normal Saturday at GattiTown in Hattiesburg, MS soon became very interesting.  A mild-mannered young man named Keller Russell became a superhero that you may know and love…SPIDERMAN!

That’s right!  Keller has his third birthday party complete with tasty pizza and wonderful presents!  He hardly ate anything he was so pumped to rip open his gifts (typical for a three year old I suppose).  He received all sorts of good toys, but his favorite was his Spiderman mask given to him by his Uncle Todd. Keller wore the mask everywhere he went all weekend, even to Best Buy and Walmart.  He was turning heads left and right and people were yelling out “Spiderman!” or “Peter Parker is that you?!”  Everyone was in awe that the web-slingin’ Spiderman himself was right there shopping for 60 watt bulbs with his dad just like any other normal human.

Keller also got a skateboard using the tickets he won at the arcade.  He had many tickets due to his Paw Paw knowing tricks on the Spongebob machine and his dad breaking some random other game.  Yay for out of order games!

Happy Birthday Keller!  We love you very much!  We hope you have enough Spidey-Sense to not get hurt too bad on the skateboard…


Our very silly daughter.

And I couldn’t forget this lil guy! He was pouring sweat while watching daddy and nana work in the yard!

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