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Diet? Yes Please!

June 20, 2011

Blog posting by Paul today, everyone look out.

So we started this diet the other day.  Not because we are overly obese, but because we just want to be a little more “fit”.

It started off well with oats, fruits and non-caffeinated liquids.  Breakfast consisted of egg whites only and turkey bacon (bacon flavored paper) with some apple slices.  Lunch and dinner was fish and bananas.  So with all of this tasty goodness, why am I talking about it in past tense?

April started having headaches. I started feeling woozy.  What was happening?  Four words.  Choc o late withdrawal!  We tried the old methods that worked for our forefathers like Tylenol, head massages and soaking our feet in Worcestershire sauce (okay I made that one up, doesn’t work).

At the end of the day it was only Hershey’s Drops for April and Chips Ahoy blue bag for me that cured our pain.  Sure, we will still eat egg whites and fish, but the dessert won’t be far behind.


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